Ukrainian Soul

Meet Abby!

A Canadian with a Ukrainian soul.

Is that even possible? When we first met, I just could not get why in the world anyone would want to travel from one of the most desirable for immigration countries to the least favorite country for living or traveling in Europe. There was much more to the idea of visiting Ukraine than mere curiosity.

Abby is a genuine Christian missionary, who travels world’s developing countries to share the word of God, inspire and educate adults and children. She is not a mere teenager, but a devoted, intelligent and beautiful girl. What was most surprising to me about her is her interest in people and Ukrainian culture. She is not being one of those volunteers that gain appraisal for being foreigners. Abby learned with a private teacher Ukrainian and Russian languages to improve her communication.

If you want to support Abby and missionary program that makes a change in the life of people across the world, you can help their cause financially by following the link below.

Enjoy pictures below, which show one of my first attempts at lifestyle photography.



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