Smart is the new Sexy

It was not one of the those thoroughly planned photo shoots…

Meet Olya! We studied together for four years in college. She is one of the smartest girls I have ever come across. She is not only smart but also kind, beautiful and fun. So one day she took a selfie and posted it on a profile one on the social network. When I saw it, I immediately thought of how gorgeous she would look in the lens of my camera. I came up to her and said that we should go for a photo walk, while magnolias in the National Botanic Garden still bloom. She instantly agreed, feeling somehow lost on what she should wear. Just in a few days after we talked, we managed to find time after classes to make this photo shoot happen.

To our big disappointment, the idea of blooming magnolias could not occur. The white ones were already laying on the floor, while the pink ones did not yet bloom. Even though circumstances were against us, we maintained confidence, taking most from what was available. Despite the odds, we got a ton of beautiful shots in a very stylish outfit!






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