Side by Side

Children photography is one of the most difficult and rewarding for any photographer. I am always excited to be booked for such photo shoot for two reasons.

Clearly, at one point we all grow up. Pictures stored online or printed out in albums tell the story of our childhood. I always enjoy looking through old records that are stacked in parents’ room. Even though I do not remember a thing from those times, it warms my heart to see the childhood I had. I can only imagine how heart warming these pictures are for my parents, who do remember those days very clearly.

The process of capturing children is known to be challenging. For me, there is nothing more pleasant. I love getting a snap of their smile or catching playful eyes within the series of shots. They do not make serious poses and always maintain natural and genuine. I think that it is their age that makes each photograph so captivating.

You have probably seen these girls in the previous posts. I photographed them with their parents for a New Year shoot. This shoot took place a few months later, as the elder girl – Dasha got interested in modeling. She even has runway experience, modeling children clothing in Kiev. So, this particular session was devoted to making a portfolio for her. I also made a few photos of her little sister and a few of them together.

The photo shoot took place in one of the most stylish and famous studios of Kiev named Colors.


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